Kpop Dance Contest @ HW2022

Hi kpop fans!

Do you love to dance?

Wanna hear some people cheer for you?

Show of your dance skills at our festival?

Then send in your application now to
Both solo dancers and crews are welcome to participate!

What we need from you:

-  Your stage name

-  Your full name

-  A video of at least 1 minute of you or your crew dancing. (This can be any choreo, just to show us what you can do.)

-  Age(s of the crewmembers).

-  Email address (if you are applying as a crew, just 1 email address is enough.)

-  A short text were you introduce yourself. (Can be between 1 or 8 sentences.)

If you get selected we will email you with more information about the contest in the beginning of september. The application period ends on the 18th of August at 23h59.
Any applications after that will not be accepted for this year’s contest.

Ready to show off your Kpop dance skills?!

Let’s go! We hope to see you soon at Hallyu Wave 2022!