Discover our vendors...*

Let's say our K-Market is slightly popular, just a little bit, A LOT popular! To help you make chooses in the good & plenty of merchandising, accessories or even beauty products we'll list down our active vendor below. If you can't get enough of all that, we still have some K-Food & Drinks to offer.



Korean dishes are their speciality and prepared with lots of love. Our very first vendor made sure no visitor ever at #HallyuWaveAntwerp will starve from hunger. Touring around in Belgium, Table d'OH makes a stop every year in Antwerp to offer us a full deserved menu during our festival. Tummy goes Yummie? Click here for more information. 


Hey!Hallyu, your webshop for K-POP albums! From fans, to fans: as they try to make KPOP more accesible in both Netherlands and Belgium. They first partcipated as a vendor at Hallyu Wave Antwerp in 2018 and had their big succes. Do you want to know more about Eva and Hey!Hallyu? Click here!



Clare has been with us since the beginning and offers our visitors a wide range of Korean food, beverages and little snacks. She also owns an Asian shop called Shang Markt with a wide assortiment of asian food & drinks.







Noonawon amazes us with their various Korean skin care products. Ranging from lotions, maks, scrubs and even lip balm, Noonawon offers quality-price products that does wonders to the skin and body. For more information, click here



The 8tea5 concept is based on inspiration, fun and respect and we truly have translated these values into our products, store design and customer experience. The raw, but still colorful and simplistic design of our store creates an unique environment for our guests to enjoy bubble tea. 8tea5 serves authentic Taiwanese bubble tea and more inspiring creations.

For more information, click here


*Vendors below are listed as external parties and only taking part at our events.
They are in any other way not associated to K-Pop Belgium Society.