K-Food & Drinks

K-Foods and drinks 

We've expanded our K-FOODS with new stands in addition to last years foodtruck of Table d'Ho. Make sure to be hungry because there will be more then enough to try out.



  • Foodtruck of Table d'Ho (outside at the entrance)
  • Foodstand of Table d'Ho (inside at the K-Food Market)
  • Cheesy Kimchi market & food stand: where you can order a BBQ wrap & buy lot's of K-food products like Ramyeon, Korean chips, etc...  (inside at the K-Food Market)
  • Hallyu Bites: offers a variety of Korean snacks + seperate bowls of rice & Kimchi (inside at the K-Food Market)
  • Stand that provides boiled water for ramyeon (inside at the K-Food Market)
  • 8tea5 bubble tea stand: with a selection of different bubble teas to make your mouth water


K-SUL () - Korean alcoholic beverages

  • Soju Classic
  • Soju Citron
  • Makguli Classic
  • Makguli Sparkling: grapefruit, white grapes, Candy

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