K-Community Festival / Hallyu Wave 2019 – Special edition!


We're proud to announce we will be the first K-Community to host the K-Community Festival together with KOFICE and the KCC!!

Our annual Hallyu Wave will still take place as usual, but this time it will be a special edition! Not only will it be part of the K-Community Festival but it will also take place in FOREST NATIONAL (Brussels). This is a huge step for us and we hope you can join us during this exciting day. 

Heads up!
This festival is the first one ever hosted, and to make it even more special, it will be the first time K-POP STARS are invited to an event of this size in Belgium!! Don't miss out and make sure to keep track of our FB page and Instagram.


Date: Saturday 5 October 2019
Location: Forest National Brussels
Organisers: K-POP Belgium Society, KOFICE and the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels

What is this K-Community Festival?
It's a way to bring different K-Communities in Belgium and Europe together in one big festival. We will achieve this by inviting several K-Communities all over Europe to participate in our festival. 

What is a K- Community and what do they do? 
A K-Community is an organisation or group of people that share the same interest and passion in (South) Korea. This interest is very wide and can be in both K-Pop related or more traditional Korean topics, as well as Korean culture, Korean music in general and fashion.

I'm not part of a K-Community, can I still come?
Off course you can!! This festival is for everyone that is interested in Korea and wants to enjoy a fun day experiencing different traditional Korean or K-POP activities.

How can I receive more information about this festival?
We will update our website regularly with more information. Please come back to this page often so you won't miss out on anything. 
Don't forget to like and follow our  FB PAGE  to be notified as soon as new information is posted.

Ticket information

More info will be revealed closer to the event.


More info will be revealed closer to the event.