Hallyu Wave 2018



Whats new for Hallyu Wave Antwerp 2018? 


Our Hallyu Wave festival has been a great success for the past 2 years. Every year we try to make it better and possible to have more and exciting workshops, activities and special acts for our visitors. In our program you will find those different activities. If you're interested in the new activities and workshops we offer this year don't hesitate to scroll down!



Mokja @ Hallyu Wave !

Mokja: Your Korean Food Caterer

Mokja serves traditional korean food but also wants to target people with an aspiration for K-Food. Alongside their catering business, Mokja offers attractive pop-ups and divers workshops throughout the year. Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact MOKJA.



Ae Jin Huys
Wiedauwkaai 23J, 9000 Gent
+32 (0) 485 700 331

Paper Hanbok Folding Workshop!

You've all heard of the Hanbok: Korea's very own traditional garment that is used for formal and semi-formal occasions such as festivals and celebrations! But do you know it's also a popular souvenir to take home and cherish? Especially this pocket version!

Folding a hanbok out of paper is relatively easy- and at Hallyu wave we provide you with the chance to give it a try at the Paper Hanbok Folding Workshop! Given by the amazing girls from Hallyucon !

The workshop will be available for two hours during the day; a first come, first serve policy will be respected. And seats will be filled according to the waiting line.

Keep an eye on our upcoming schedule release to find out when you'll have to be present to participate!

See you there!