Hallyu Night the K-Pop Party

Hallyu Night: the K-Pop Party

K-Pop Belgium Society is back with a new concept: HALLYU NIGHT!

Hallyu Night is the conceptname for K-POP Party's organized by us.

Hallyu Night will tour around Belgium, stopping in big cities that haven't had any K-POP Party's yet, with our first stop being in Gent on Friday 13 April 2018.


The first K-POP Party of Hallyu Night will be held on 13 April 2018 in Gent and will start at 19h.
Come early and you can watch or participate in the K-POP Dance Contest!

Date: Friday 13 April 2018

Entrance opens at: 19h00

Start Dance Contest: 20h00

Start K-POP Party: 21h30

Tickets: €6 presale (available starting from March), €7 at entrance

If you want to participate in the K-POP Dance Contest, check out our info and rules below. 


Use of our cloakroom is €0,50 (not obliged to use), as well as the restrooms.

NO FOOD & DRINKS are allowed to be brought in*! Security will be present.

Entrance only for +14. Alcohol only for +16, liquor like soju only for +18!
Your ID will be asked at the entrance, so please keep it ready when entering. Access can be   denied if these rules are not followed.

*Except for people with health problems. There will always be water/sugar available in case of emergencies.

KPOP Dance contest Info & Rules

As K-POP is especially popular for the awesome choreography on those catchy songs, we've included a dance contest for our first Hallyu Night! The winner will get a surprise and top 3 of this contest will automatically get selected for the K-POP Dance/Performance Contest at HALLYU WAVE 2018 without having to pass the preselection!

If you want to participate, please read the info & rules carefully.


Start/end: from 20h00 - 21h30

Participating at the contest does not mean you have free entrance.

To enter the contest you have to submit a teaser video of your performance for the preselection. If you send it after the deadline or if you register too late we will not accept your entry and you can not participate in the contest. No exceptions will be made.

This is a DANCE contest, both solo and group performances are allowed.

Max. 7 members for group performances.

Audiotracks (songs) no longer then 4 minutes! We will be strict.

You can choose how many songs you'll include.

Participating at the contest does not mean free entrance.


Send us a 1 min. long teaser of your performance until Mid March (Deadline 18/03) - (this if for the preselection)

Send us decent quality videos (this can help you with the selection)

Include in your mail:


Number of members

How long the song will be (max. 4 minutes!)

The person we can contact (name, fb + phone)

Send all info mentioned above to the following mail address: contact@kpopbelgiumsociety.be