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Mokja @ Hallyu Wave ! 


Mokja: Your Korean Food Caterer 


Mokja serves traditional korean food but also wants to target people with an aspiration for K-Food. Alongside their catering business, Mokja offers attractive pop-ups and divers workshops throughout the year. Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact MOKJA




Ae Jin Huys
Wiedauwkaai 23J, 9000 Gent
+32 (0) 485 700 331


Earlier today we mentioned the presence of MOKJA at this years festival. But Our K-Food Corner would not be complete without TABLE D'HO! As they have been with us since the beginning of our festival and a loyal sponsor, we would like to highlight their presence at our festival! This year they've also opened up a restaurant in Antwerp, so if you have the chance they're certainly worth the visit!

Gitschotellei 188
2140 Antwerpen

Tel.: +32 (0)478 90 07 82
FB: - Table d'Ho

Interested? More information on their website or Instagram:


It was then when Chi found a little charismatic shop and discovered bubble tea for the first time. The taste of this drink immediately reminded him of his childhood and transported him to flavors and smells long forgotten. Intrigued by this magical drink, Chi was determined to find out more. Chi travelled to the highest part of the mountains, fought the warlock of Nicfachg and obtained the original recipe for bubble tea.

With his dying breath the warlock told Chi it was no coincidence he was the one to beat him. For Chi was the one born on the same day as the first bubble tea (1985). He was the chosen one to bring bubble tea to the rest of the world. Bringing the drink to the Netherlands, he started his adventure to share bubble tea with the world. And so, 8tea5 was born.


More info on their website


+32 (0) 468 11 37 85
Korte Klarenstraat 15
2000 Antwerp